What is the Advantages of InteriCAD?

Those who have an AutoCAD background will be familiar with InteriCAD within a day. Moreover we offer a 3-day course to enable you to use InteriCAD with perfection.
High productivity: for all necessary elements for interior design, 'drag and drop' method is used.

3D visualization

Create en design also curved walls, wall decorations, alcoves or openings in walls and determine the finishing. Mark where doors and windows should be placed. Design ceilings, even the curtain-rod or the staircase and define the floor, f.i. parquetry, ceramic tiles or stone, and you do this all with the greatest ease. All windows, doors, pieces of furniture and other items are parameter steered so that you can fill in the correct dimensions.

Rendering and animation

InteriCAD has built its own rendering system after the latest ray-trace and radiosity technology. A provisional rendering session lasts only 3 minutes, where as other software needs more than 3 hours. With this high rendering function you can 'walk' through drawn rooms, take pictures and/or make a short film.

Interior elements and materials library.

InteriCAD is provided with a rich collection of interior elements and materials, such as windows, staircases, balcony, columns, curtains, tables, chairs, beds, kitchens, plants, lighting, paintings, lounge suites, too many to mention them all. InteriCAD also offers a whole range of back grounds that can be chosen to create the right atmosphere.

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