How to install in Mac or Linux

For Mac There are two ways for you to install YFCAD products in Mac. 1.First, you should install Boot Camp in your computer, and then install a Windows system in Mac. After that, your computer will have two systems. Then you should restart from Windows, and install YFCAD products in your computer. To know more about Boot Camp, please visit this webpage: 2.You can install a VM in Mac, and then install a Windows system in VM. After that, you can install YFCAD products in VM. But the speed will be slow in VM. To know more about VM, please visit this webpage: For Linux You can install CrossOver Linux in you Linux system firstly, and then please run CrossOver Linux to install YFCAD products. After that, you can use our products in Linux. To know more about CrossOver Linux, please visit this webpage:

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