What can KD-Max do for you?

With KD-Max you can show your customer in 15 minutes a definite photo-realistic design that he has composed together with you. You can do this without a specific CAD training. Step by step you build the kitchen from bottom up to sink decoration. Simultaneously the system generates product-surveys, an inventory + survey of budget + numerous detailed working drawings, which you can apply directly to your work preparation. The system automatically makes various cross-sections that you can export in DWG or DXF applications. KD-Max is standard provided with the powerful BTO-CAD, in which you can check and adapt the cross-sections. KD-Max has as its disposal 5th generation virtual reality technology by YF Software. This technology enables you to walk freely through the kitchen that you designed only a moment before and to have a look at the design from every conceivably angle.

Also the VR function can render design compositions in a moment's time into photo realistic pictures. These you can print of course, but it's also possible to mail them or look at them in a short digital avi application! Design that have been used most and the materials that go with them, you can store simply in design templates and this speeds up the design process.

Customizing the software. The standard software set is provided with an extensive library of cup-boards, doors, tops, kitchen equipment, hpl systems, decoration, etc. Of course you cane adapt all articles of use and components as to measurement, colour or structure. But you will perfect the application of the system if you will let us integrate you own library, models, identity into the system. Our own design-modeling department can quickly adapt your library with the adjustment specifications to the system. This integration we offer you are, naturally, made-to-measure.

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