How do I get working drawings?

As started before, after finishing the design you may choose various export functions. KD-Max has a very complete CAD program integrated, that can be compared in its capabilities with AutoCAD. Through function Drawing, you may choose various sections, cross sections top drawings, electricity/gas connections, etc. These drawings are ready in DWG or DXF files. You may adapt these in BTO-CAD and export them to your work preparation. This you can mail or fax. the DWG file of the worktop directly from the system to your supplier. You have your technical specifications at hand instantly?­?­?­.. BTO-CAD is installed simultaneously with KD-Max. You may start BTO-CAD also separate from KD-Max. If you are used to AutoCAD, you will be able, without problems, to make the most complex drawings with BTO-CAD, and this you will save the purchase of an expensive CAD program!

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